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PreScreen Plus Drug Tests: Testing Cups and Dip Cards

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PreScreen Plus Cups

The PreScreen Plus Cup is a cost efficient fast and reliable urine test for the use of drugs, which can be read in 5 minutes. The PreScreen Plus Cup varies from your regular drug test, because it includes an adulteration test. This allows you to test the urine and determine whether it has been altered with or not. The PreScreen Plus Cup uses chemical indicators to record the pH (P), specific gravity (S), oxidant/PCC (O), creatinine (C), nitrite (N), and glutaraldehyde (G). If any of these display a negative drug test result, it will let you know that an adulterant was used to modify the urine and generate a false negative result.

PreScreen Plus Dip Cards

The PreScreen Plus Dip Card is a high quality, inexpensive urine test designed for detecting up to 15 of the most commonly abused drugs. With a reading in only 5 minutes, the PreScreen Plus Cup uses a unique two-colored band to determine the results. Each line has a different meaning, with the top line representing the control region (C) and the bottom line representing the test region (T). Along with the two-color reading is the adulteration test, which is used to record and determine whether any adulterants were used to produce false results.

Detects up to 15 drugs

Up to 20 months shelf life

Results in 5 minutes


99% results accuracy

Easy Test Administration

Read the prerequisites before administering any of the tests: set up a working timer or watch, validate the expiration date on the test kit and make sure you read all the instructions provided.

While administering the Pre Screen Plus Drug Test take care to use clean, unused cups for the collection of the urine, write the name/ID of the donor clearly and wait for the full time indicated before interpreting the test.  The results will remain stable for 60 minutes.

FDA 510(K) approved Pre Screen Plus Cups

The urine sample that is collected needs to be collected and stored correctly in order to assure that the urine is secured.  To facilitate this, the use of Pre Screen Plus Cups (CLIA Waived) is highly recommended as these cups provide you with key features such as unbreakable cup surfaces, tamper detection friendly temperature strips, labeled chambers to eliminate confusing drug test results to name a few. Pre Screen Plus Cups have a long shelf life and are approved for professional use according to FDA 510(K) standards.

Cups, with up to 12-drug combinations eliminate the need for individual cups per drug test, resulting in cost reductions and ease of storage. Additionally, these cups serve as ‘all in one drug test cups’ as they include gloves, security seals, flat result panels and instant view options.

Easy Result Readability and Interpretation

Clear visual markers indicate positive, negative and invalid results.  Positive results are marked by a single band in the Control region.  Two colored bands appear to indicate a negative result.  An invalid result is indicated by a blank dip card. If an invalid result occurs at the specified read time indicated on the package, please discard the dip test and re test using a new kit. The interpretation of results is key to getting accurate readings from the prescreen plus dip card.

Drug Test Combinations

The Pre Screen Plus Drug Tests offer a combination of tests that can be used to detect a variety of drugs such as Amphetamine (AMP), Cocaine (COC)Methamphetamine (MET), Opiates (OPI), Marijuana (THC), Oxycodone (OXY), Benzodiazepines (BZO), Oxycodone (OXY), Methamphetamine (MET) and Phencyclidine (PCP)etc.

Urine Adulteration

Achieving a negative result on a test is the goal of adulteration. Adding adulterants, dilution, substitution, and the use of commercially sold ‘masking elements and agents’ interfere with the urine sample concentrations and even ‘kill’ drugs present.

The PreScreen Plus Drug Test (CLIA Waived) adulteration test is based on the color response of chemical indicators in the presence of adulterants. pH (P), specific gravity (S), oxidant/PCC (O), creatinine (C), nitrite (N) and glutaraldehyde (G) are tested to determine the integrity of urine samples.

Using FDA 510(K) approved Pre Screen Plus Cups ensures dependability as they have instructions on usage in English and come with a 99% result accuracy.

The Dependable Choice for Buyers in Bulk

The five, ten and twelve Panel PreScreen Plus Dip Card drug tests are the tests of choice for high volume consumers such as employers, drug courts and drug rehabilitation programs. Convicted felons and parolees that have completed the course of their incarceration are required to undergo abstinence testing periodically as part of their conditions of parole. These tests are ideal for random drug campaigns in schools, recovery programs and for ‘reasonable suspicion’ testing.  The convenient 25 tests per case options is affordable, dependable and easy to administer.  The ease of interpretation of the results eliminates the need for the chain of custody  which removes the chance of tampering and or switching of the urine sample that can occur during the transportation of the sample from collection to delivery to the testing lab. Testing labs are strictly monitored and regulated however, any ‘mishandling’ by the lab can negate the entire process of urine testing.

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